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Competitive benchmarking
Usability testing
Brand sentiment analysis


United Airlines is one of the top 3 international air carriers and sells billions every year. My research was part of a project to give the website a dramatic visual upgrade and identify and fix user experience issues with the booking process.


The site was outdated and booking process was difficult. there wer eproblems and blay blay bhaThis was a multiphase project focusing on the online ticket-booking process experience, as well as homepage impressions. In Phase 1, we focused on the current experience, while Phase 2 will be completed after a site redesign, informed by the Phase 1 results. BENCHMARKING

The Problem


Phase 1 consisted of a competitive usability analysis of the online booking process and Homepage, comparing the client site to 3 competitor airline sites across two markets: Chicago and New York City. Participants completed hypothetical booking tasks on client and competitor airlines, performed target-finding of key items on the Homepage, and provided feedback and ratings of aesthetics and perceived usability of the site.

The Approach

  • Identified a number of serious usability issues that prevented participants from finding and booking the flight that best met their needs.
  • Set a benchmark against which the client can measure future success/redesigns
  • rovided the client with aesthetic direction and design recommendations based on participants’ comments and survey ratings.

The Outcome before before today today