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Shopify is a leading ecommerce platform. I was an in-house researcher there for 2016-2017. 


The site was outdated and booking process was difficult. there wer eproblems and blay blay bhaThis was a multiphase project focusing on the online ticket-booking process experience, as well as homepage impressions. In Phase 1, we focused on the current experience, while Phase 2 will be completed after a site redesign, informed by the Phase 1 results. BENCHMARKING

The Problem


Phase 1 consisted of a competitive usability analysis of the online booking process and Homepage, comparing the client site to 3 competitor airline sites across two markets: Chicago and New York City. Participants completed hypothetical booking tasks on client and competitor airlines, performed target-finding of key items on the Homepage, and provided feedback and ratings of aesthetics and perceived usability of the site.

The Approach

  • Identified a number of serious usability issues that prevented participants from finding and booking the flight that best met their needs.
  • Set a benchmark against which the client can measure future success/redesigns
  • rovided the client with aesthetic direction and design recommendations based on participants’ comments and survey ratings.

The Outcome

United.com before

United.com before

United.com today

United.com today